6 January 2015

Manganima no Secret Santa

A group of us on the Postcrossing forums decided it would be fun to do a Secret Santa this year, we are all part of the anime and manga fan club on the forums and chat regularly as well as exchange postcards, letters and occasional item swaps.

It's quite exciting to think we will all be opening gifts from each other on Christmas Day/Eve, of course this will have happened now as I wanted to wait until after Christmas to share the swap I sent for obvious reasons :)

Now it is time to share, a bit later than I had planned but here are the swaps.

This is the one I sent

I made my partner a winter themed Artists Trading Card and wrote her a short letter. I wrapped the presents put them in a box and then wrapped that and labelled it ready for Christmas Day. Lots of fun to do ^_^

My Secret Santa parcel came from Finland with lovely wrapping paper and a cute Santa label.

Inside you can see a Moominpappa towel, a Hattifatteners note pad and 2 music CDs Charon and Sonata Artica. A great parcel as I happen to be a fan of heavy metal and I love the Moomins :D

It was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again this Christmas!

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