14 January 2015

Long lost mail?

I did a swap with a friend in China and we had begun to worry it was lost when I did not receive it. Well 2 months and 10 days later it arrived! It's good to know that sometimes mail is just extra slow and not lost especially a special piece of mail like this. Well I think it's special ^_^

There are a few pictures to share from the swap.

First of all the beautiful postcard of Legolas - the card is so much nicer up close, it's ethereal, there is also a postcard with a fanart sketch (seal) on it - it's on both sides but there is also writing on the other side, a sticker with hobbit fan art - very cute and a Postcard of Bard the Bowman

Then another beautiful postcard this time of Thor and Loki <3, a fanart card of Naruto - I love these fan art cards, and a postcard of Dumbledore ^_^

Last but not least some lovely extras including two shaped cards - how cool is that Royal Mail postbox card! and a really pretty bookmark.

I'll have some more outgoing mail coming up soon too.

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