11 January 2015

Write back my postcard

I thought I'd share some of the postcards I am sending out for a Round Robin (RR) called Write Back My Postcard on Postcrossing. In the RR you send some of your own postcards you like to the members of your group and they write on them and post them back to you. It's such a nice idea, last time I sent out postcards from my own supplies which I liked and wanted to keep but this time I am sending some lovely unwritten postcards I received in swaps/RRs so I can get double the joy from them ;)

Envelope One 

The Wolf was from acharo (Swap-bot), the cat with the sticky out tongue is one of my own, it looks a lot like my cat (cute!), the Jetoy is for Shireya who will be writing back my postcards and the Lancy Cat was from MissMo (Postcrossing).

Envelope Two

The Lancy Cat was from MissMo (Postcrossing), the snow scene was from acharo (Swap-bot), the Cafe scene is from an unknown person and the Jetoy is for minkero who will be writing back my postcards.

I have two more envelopes to send out I'll post them later when I have done them.

When I started Postcrossing I didn't document cards I sent at first, then I started a Flickr album and started taking pictures of my sent and received cards and as time has gone by I have been more organised. I have a few unwritten cards from swaps where I'm not sure who sent them it's a shame I wasn't fully organised from the beginning but now I know :)

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