29 December 2014


The other day I received this lovely package from my Pen Pal in the Czech Republic, it was a great surprise as I was just finishing up my reply to her last letter.

I've been spending some time reading other snail mail blogs, a great one is 365 days of mail, and browsing Pinterest and I decided to try out some of the great ideas I've seen adding my own touch. Where do you get your inspiration for your snail mail projects?

The package from my Pen Pal included a short letter and Christmas postcard, some Christmas teabags, Chocolate coins, sweets and a cute napkin and ladybird bookmark/large paperclip. Lots of fun to open! 

I made a bookmark to send with my reply and decided to pair it with a Jane Austen quote postcard with some quotes about reading on the back. I also made an envelope to put the card and bookmark in.

I also added some chocolate coins and some Christmas flavoured coffee drinks, I can't seem to find individually sealed Christmas tea where I live which is a great shame. I used a different envelope, and put the chocolate coins, and some flower confetti in a cellophane bag which I decorated.

I made another envelope in which I put two more postcards; a tiger one which I attached cat magnets to using a strip of magnetic metal and washi tape, and a dragon one (I took photos then managed to delete them after I had put everything together).

I then tied it all together with ribbon, slipping some pencils down the side and adding a Roald Dhal tag and put it in another cellophane wrapper and then in a jiffy bag ready for posting.

I hope she likes it when she receives it.


  1. Wow, very cool :D I'm sure the receiver will love it ^-^
    I wish the Christmas flavored coffee mix was also available here in Germany .__.

    1. Thank you ^_^
      Maybe I can send you some this Christmas :)