27 January 2015

Happy Mail #1

I've been having batches of mail come, a few days with no mail at all then a small handful at a time. It's always nice to hear the thud as mail drops through the door and it's even better when it turns out to be happy mail :)

Some colourful and pretty envelopes from a pen pal, a RR (Write back my Postcard) and a surprise card from a forum member.

This was a lovely long letter from my pen pal in Finland, she enclosed some pages from an old copy of Twilight as well as a bookmark and some diary stickers. I already have some crafty ideas for using the book pages.

A Pokemon card, handmade envelope and memo sheets as a surprise from a forum member I recently swapped with, the Pikachu is soooo cute! The envelope even has a special WWF cancelation :)

Have you had any happy mail recently? Do you prefer to get lots of mail in one go or to have it spread out?


  1. I'm happy you enjoyed the mail I send out to you ^__^

    What a difficult question! I actually think I enjoy it more to receive nothing for a long time and then be even happier when I receive a bunch of mail ^__^

    1. I'm still not sure, I do like to receive a nice pile though :)