7 January 2015

New Year New Mail

Happy New Year everyone, hope 2015 brings you lots of Happy Mail, new friendships and health and happiness. I've been lucky to receive some gorgeous mail from some good friends to welcome the new year.

 From a friend in Russia, a New Years card with a fab envelope - the image is of Levi Ackerman dressed as Santa with some really nice stamps one of which says Happy New Year in Russian. Inside was a cute sheep and owl postcard, a mini calendar with bears on and a lovely Christmas cat magnet =^.^=

From a friend in French Polynesia, an envelope with more great stamps, inside a New Years card I won in a lottery and a handmade thank you card.

I also received a mystery postcard from "Someone who loves you in America" which was a lovely surprise, I wonder who sent it to me?

And last but not least a postcard from a trip one of my Pen Pals in Russia took of somewhere that shares our name, very cool ^_^


  1. Very wonderful mail you received :D I like all the cards but especially like that happy dog :D It makes me instantly happy too ^__^

    1. Yes it's such a lovely dog, reminds me of someone's dog I know :)