16 January 2015

Outgoing mail - January (Part 1)

A few pictures of my January outgoing mail

I made this envelope out of a paper bag that looked quite interesting, I need to remember to make sure the front part is the right way up next time! I lined the envelope with patterned paper to strengthen the envelope and make it look nicer inside. The address is written on a postcard tag and glued, and taped onto the envelope.

Inside a bookmark, letter, a postcard and I made a mini envelope out of a page from a Lush catalogue - the picture is a man twirling a moustache and I filled the mini envelope with moustache stickers and some confetti.

Excuse the quality of this photo, taking pictures at night is not my forte! The big envelope is a Swap-bot swap going to the UK, the owl envelope is a Penpal letter also going to the UK and the postcard is a thank you and New Years card to someone I swapped with in Japan.

Finally this envelope is going to Japan with some postcards for a swap, I added more stamps at the post office. You can't tell of course but I matched the decoration of the envelope with the decorations on one of the cards (the other is unwritten).

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