21 December 2014

A Christmas Themed Post

Recently on Swap-bot there have been lots of Christmas themed swaps, I haven't taken part in many as I have had lots of other mail projects going on but I did take part in a UK based Christmas Spirit Supplies Swap. I thought I'd share what I sent and received and a little of what I did with my supplies :)

This is what I sent to my partner, a mix of crafting supplies and some chocolate goodies to eat and drink while crafting.

I also had a go at making a homemade postcard which I wrote my Christmas greetings on.

This was my lovely package, Christmas stickers and washi tape, some felt toppers and some yummy treats :)

This is one of the cards I made using the felt toppers

And as this is a Christmas themed post this is a picture of the Christmas Card I made and sent to my German Pen Pal.

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