26 April 2015

Secret Pen pal Scavenger Hunt 2015

After two months of travelling my parcel finally arrived at it's destination - South Africa! Now I can reveal the items I sent as part of the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt.

The topics I chose were; something that represents you, the postal freak's kit, the bad day survival kit, something quirky and something to read.

For something that represents me I chose to send some postcards of places that mean something to me with a little something written about them on the back, 
and an ATC made by me.

The postal freak's kit was easy to do, I made an folder, the green rectangle in the back, on the inside I used map paper showing South Africa and the UK, I then filled it with the flat items and wrapped the bigger items individually.

For the bad day survival kit I made 2 mix CDs one with heavy metal music and one with more mellow tunes, I also added a teabag in a handmade folder (the green square) and of course some chocolate!

For something quirky I choose some Waldon Pancake postcards and a coaster.

Finally for something to read I sent The Pig of Happiness, as I love Edward Monkton and I wanted to share some happiness :D

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