16 April 2015

All about tea!

I've been doing some tea swaps recently, I love tea and it's been great fun to try out some new teas and discover new brands. It's also fun to swap tea and other hot drinks with friends and pen pals. I am really enjoying Chai teas now, and drinking my nice tea at night when I write letters, I save the PG tips for the day time.

Here are some of the swaps I have recently done.

These teas went to Germany and the USA, I covered a bit of card in paper and wrapped the edges in washi tape so I could protect the teabags a bit and stop them bunching up in the envelope. I taped the tea to the backing with some matching washi tape.

These teas came from the USA in a lovely envelope, no photo this time as I opened the envelope away from home. I received a really nice mix of teas to try. So far I have tried the Salted Caramel tea and the Pumpkin Spice Chai - that was really yummy!

This envelope of tea came from Malaysia, a nice mix of tea and a lovely postcard as an extra. I haven't tried all these teas yet, the strawberry one was nice though.

Do you enjoy a good cup of tea, or do you prefer another drink?


  1. What a wonderful variety of teas ^__^ Which are your favorites^^?

    1. So many ;) Of the ones I sent I really like the Rhubarb tea (I'm almost out!), of the ones received so far I'd say Pumpkin Spice and Chocolatey Chocolate Chai. I am a bit obsessed with Chai tea now I've tried it ;) How about you?

  2. Wonderful >u< I prefer tea than coffee. I drink a lot different teas, and I swap tea bags with my pen pals. My favourite teas are Earl Grey and Cranberry Vanilla Delight <3