22 April 2015

Incoming Postcards

Recently I have been taking part in a Round Robin on Postcrossing where you can find various themed groups, it's a good way to find certain cards for your collection and sometimes discover a new collection.

These two cards are Les Chats Enchant├ęs came from someone who I hope to swap with further, this is a new collection that I discovered and these are my first two cards, I just love them!

A Studio Ghibli card - this one is from the film Spirited Away.

Another Studio Ghibli card - this one is from the film Howl's Moving Castle

These two cards are from one of my favourite animes - Bleach 

Do you like to collect postcards, do you have any themes you like to collect?

1 comment:

  1. You have a cute collection of postcards. Several years ago, three close friends started to send me postcards. I still enjoy getting their cards during the year. I do collect postcards around certain times of the year. The main theme of my collection focuses on winter. Postcards with snowflakes represent my favorite winter theme.

    Porter Sommers @ Plumb Marketing