15 March 2015

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2015

It's the big reveal day today for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt. 
I heard about it on a blog called SnailMailLove and signed up for this year's round. Participants each get a partner to send to and have to chose 5 things to find or make from a list, plus a gift for your partner.

The Scavenger Hunt List

The City Explorer's Kit 
Something that represent you
A mix CD with your favorite tunes. 
The Postal Freak's Kit
The Bad Day Survival Kit
Something quirky
Something with - your partner's - monogram on it
Something oddly shaped
Something old fashioned
Something to read

Here are the items I received from my partner. She sent me some lovely items some of which I have already used in my outgoing snail mail.

From left to right
The Postal Freak's Kit - Some address labels, an airmail envelope, some postcards and washi tape. Something Quirky - A funky magnet. Something That Represents My Partner - A coffee themed postcard and notebook, something we have in common as I love coffee too!

Something Old Fashioned - She sent me drawstring bag with a pink and white hanky, I'm not sure if she made the bag but I am guessing so :)

City Explorer's Kit - Some stunning postcards and equally stunning bookmark plus some stickers. I'm  not too sure what they are but they look familiar please comment if you know what they are :)

A Gift For Me - A hand painted owl bookmark (gorgeous!), cute sticky notes and some printouts that she made for me.

My partner hasn't received yet, but her parcel has to travel quite far, I'm nervously waiting for an email to say she has received.  I'll post what I sent when she has received.

Have you done anything like this before, how did you find it?


  1. wow, very lovely mail you've received :D
    I especially like the cute little sticky notes and the lovely bookmark ^__^

    I'd like to take part of a scavenger hunt but I'm kind of afraid I won't find anything that matches or I misinterpret it xD But maybe I'll try it next year :P

    Do you continue to be penpals?

    1. Some people do, unfortunately my partner got confused and thought I wasn't supposed to know who she was so she didn't give me any details just the items you see :)

  2. The stickers seem to be these:

    1. Thank you Elenna, I had a feeling they were to do with the "Evil Eye", hmmm I wonder how I shall use them.