18 March 2015

Incoming Postcards

I recently sent out a batch of officials and I have done some more swaps on Postcrossing and swap-bot so I have received quite a few postcards lately.

These three postcards come from an offer thread on the Postcrossing forums where one of the members is offering 3 blank postcards in return for posting one of his postcards back to him, written of course ;) I chose these, I'm undecided whether I will keep them or use them for the minute the ginger kitten in particular is very cute!

This is an official postcard sent from Poland, a beautiful sunset I think :)

I received a notecard from a lovely lady in America who found me on Sendsomething. She enclosed some recipes for me to try. She has a great blog where she posts about InCoWriMo and her snail mail exploits. I have sent her a reply hopefully she gets it soon!

This is a postcard sent to me by my penpal in Russia, we like to enclose postcards for each other as we both enjoy Postcrossing.

This was also sent to me by my Russian penpal.

A swap from a talented Postcrosser in Indonesia, she made this postcard to match the Year of the Ram stamp and special postmark. Such a cool combination.

A postcard from a friend and fan club member - if you are interested in anime, manga and Japanese illustrators check out this forum here.

A pokemon card from another fan club member.

A postcard from a swap on swap-bot. I love these trees and would love to see one for myself one day.

Finally another official this from Spain - a lovely butterfly card

Wishing you a full and happy mailbox!

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