27 March 2015

Incoming Easter Mail and Swaps

I've received some lovely letters and swaps recently with lots of creativity and inspiration. It always makes me want to create some form of mail and the letters I receive are always full of great conversation which I want to continue with straight away. I try to wait a little bit though so there is some space between letters especially when the letter goes to a country where the mail travels quickly.

This fun package was from my pen pal in Finland, she sent me an Easter package with a cute postcard saying Happy Easter in Finnish and a chocolate teabag - which tasted quite interesting and nice. She filled a little metal tin with the goodies you see here which included some great snail mail supplies :)

This was a lovely letter from my pen pal in Germany, she made a little booklet letter which is so cool and a great origami tea bag holder - I drank the tea before I thought to take a picture! She also included a trading card of Tauriel from The Hobbit.

This was a letter from my pen pal in the Netherlands she sent me some blank notecards and a cute postcard plus my unfranked stamps which was nice of her as I collect stamps and I thought those were pretty cool stamps ;)

This was a swap from swap-bot, I received some great snail mail goodies including 3D stickers of cats - the pictures all change when you tilt the stickers. They are so cute I might have to keep a few for myself but I will use some of them in my letters. 

As you can see I have a few letters to reply to so expect an outgoing mail post soon!


  1. Lovely mail you got there :D
    I try to do the same like you wait a bit until sending a reply, especially when travel time takes less than one week^^ I have a postcard pal in my country and if I answer as soon as I receive it it would be too fast paced for me too^^