12 February 2015

Swaps In and Out

Not a very exciting title but swaps are always good fun, you never know what you might receive or how your partner is going to interpret your profile. I like to sign up for swaps that include supplies for my snail mail needs and ones that include a letter or postcard as I love to read short and long notes written by my partners.

The first swap I'm posting is a UK one where we exchanged pen pal supplies.

This is my outgoing swap, my partner likes hippy stuff and rainbows according to her profile :)

 This is what I received lots of lovely profile based items, I've used some already!

 This swap is international and was a notecard with small enclosures.

This is my outgoing swap, the lady asked for postcards with psalms in her profile and I just happened to have two waiting for a good home, it's always nice when you have just what someone is looking for.

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