13 November 2014

Incoming and Outgoing Mail

It's been a busy few weeks but I have still been sending letters and postcards, a few swaps thrown in for good measure. I have also received some lovely mail.


A letter to a pen friend in The Netherlands

I sent her; an owl postcard, a fill in the blanks mini card with silly questions like "What animal would you be?" and "What would your superpower be?", a bookmark and I wrote her letter in the cat notecard.

Recently I wrote to a lovely lady from the UK living in France, I sent her a letter through and she replied, this is my envelope now winging it's way back to her.


Yesterday I received a reply from my pen friend in The Netherlands and one from my pen friend in Germany, both beautifully decorated envelopes.

This morning I received an official from Poland.
I was lucky to receive this senders first sent postcard with a lovely long message.

I am going to wait a few days before replying to my mail and start working on some Christmas craft projects, I think this weekend will be a letter writing weekend for me.

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